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A mix for all your vegan, gluten free, and nut free baking needs

It all started with chocolate chip cookies...

Our goal was to make a cookie mix that didn't appear to be gluten-free or vegan when you baked with it. After weeks of changing the recipes and honing in on what other cookies we could make, we saw the potential in our product.

  • Gluten Free
    Produced in a gluten free and top-8 allergen free facility, we use oat and brown rice flours
  • Gum Free
    For easier digestion, just a pinch of arrowroot starch
  • Nut Free
    Produced in a nut and soy free facility, we’re nuts for cookies but not for allergies
  • Vegan
    Produced in a cassein free facility, it's vegan for ease, health and the environment (as well as for allergens)
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Featured Recipe


This classic cookie is a simple choice in the spring.  

Tip: Roll the soft dough balls into a ball in your hands for a more polished look, or drop from your cookie scoop for a more rustic look!

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