About Us

Inception to Staple

Beginning with a combination of lactation cookie recipes that needed several glaring improvements, we realized our cookies were already versatile and delicious while including several ingredients commonly used in vegan and gluten free baking. Yes, we started with a product that was designed to support nursing mothers in their tender journey through stress, milk supply, and stress. But dang this cookie tastes good!

We regularly host family and friends with special dietary needs - whether for allergy or preference. It’s too difficult to say some food was prepared for our honored guest, while all the rest is “normal” food, expecting ourselves to have enough time to prepare multiple options and our guests to not deplete or contaminate the special foods. And we’re ALL human. Why isn’t their dietary-restricted food good enough for all of us to eat?

When we had a versatile cookie mix free from many allergens that tasted and performed as a cookie is expected to, we brought our cookie to market. We began with Moms’ Cookies as a cottage industry business selling at craft fairs. But we couldn’t keep this wonderful product to ourselves. We launched on Amazon and were invited to the store shelves in Texas’ largest grocery chain, HEB.

The Journey Continues
We’re always working behind the scenes to release more recipes for our cookie mix as well as more products in our line. You can use our Cookie Master Mix for easy prep and clean up, or an allergen friendly treat, or a thoughtful gift, or a versatile pantry staple. You can make requests for new recipes or products or ask questions here, and you can stay up-to-date with our additions and specials by subscribing to our emails.