We’re in the hottest time of year, and perhaps we’re all finding new & different ways to spend our time. Baking has increased in popularity as a hobby, but we all still want to balance our time and effort for leisure activities when we also have to work, parent, and try to keep our lives low-stress as much as ever.

Keep your baking simple: save time and effort by using a mix. Mom’s Modern Mixes Cookie Master Mix is the easiest top-8 allergen free mix for cookies and sweet breads. Try your hand at Banana Bread, Carrot Cake, Snack Bars, or classic Chocolate Chip Cookies. All these recipes use the same mix.

  1. Choose your recipe.
  2. Stir ingredients together.
  3. Bake.
  4. Enjoy.

How simple is that? Whether you’re still spending afternoons in the hot sun, or bustling indoors trying to work or return everyone to school, take a little tip to enjoy a simple, quick treat.

Mom’s Modern Mixes Cookie Master Mix is the most versatile top-8 allergen free cookie mix available, and it comes from a nut free facility. We’re available at Amazon and HEB, too. Have some today!