For some parents the upcoming 2020-21 school year still looks altogether fuzzy. Will kids be in school? Following the school curriculum at home? Home schooling?

Regardless of where you find yourself on this decision continuum, you can make it a special time for your kids by making a batch of cookies to celebrate your choice, and to celebrate their knowledge!

Use a mini-celebration as an opportunity to recognize what they’ve learned to get this far, entice their excitement and commitment to their forthcoming study, and also acknowledge that you’ve just made the best decision you’re able to make for your family during these new and uncertain times. While there remains so much to juggle in our daily lives, we should take every opportunity to celebrate little wins and big decisions.

Mom’s Modern Mixes Cookie Master Mix is a great option for making a little treat or a big treat, having a sweet snack, or throwing a (totally socially-distanced) morale-boosting celebration. You’re here, you’re getting there. Pat yourself on the back, then bake a delicious bite to eat!

Make it a small treat by portioning the cookie dough and freezing the portions for later. You can bake them straight from the freezer without adjusting the bake time or temperature.

Make it a big treat by baking a cookie cake or sweet bread. Remember, we’re always gluten free, nut free, corn free, and vegan. Find dozens of recipes on our website.

Let’s raise a bite – to your health, happiness, and piece of mind!